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Wisdom and Character education at the 6th Jubillee Centre conference


Because it was his Turkish Delight that he chose, it was a discussion. We realised that he understood that playing on his PlayStation was taking over his life. So he put that down as his Turkish Delight. Because of the Turkish Delight [activity] he’s been able to manage himself. The positive output is that he manages his time...

42nd Annual Association for Moral Education Conference


In December 2016 Prof. Mark Pike and Dr Peter Hart represented the Narnian virtues team at the AME conference, hosted by the Harvard Graduate School of Education. Prof Mark Pike presented on the parental involvement in the project. He described how we are engaging with parents through seminars and home activities that students take the...

Mere Education and Narnian Virtues at the Wade Centre


Prof Mark Pike visited the Marion E. Wade Centre at Wheaton College, Illinois, to give two lectures in December 2016. The Wade Centre hosts a major collection of materials by several British authors, including C.S. Lewis. Prof Pike explained the foundations of the Narnian Virtues curriculum and his recent book, Mere Education.

Narnian Virtues in the Media


Harrogate High School, one of the eight schools part of the Narnian Virtues curriculum, have been talking to the Harrogate Advertiser about their involvement in the project. The lead teacher on the project described the benefit to the school of taking part, and how it fits with the ethos of the school and the English...